The Selection Process:

  • Young women between the ages of 18-24 may apply themselves or are nominated for Tulip Queen through letters of recommendation.
  • Letters are received and reviewed by the Selection Committee (comprised of former Tulip Queen/Court members, local businessmen/women and volunteers)
  • The Selection Committee interviews qualified candidates during March and April
  • Semi-finalists are chosen and invited to attend the Tulip Tea. The Selection Committee is able to learn more about the nominees and see how they interact with one another
  • Each semi-finalist will receive a prepared question for the Final Interview and is informed that there will be an unprepared question to answer as well
  • Each nominee will receive 10 minutes to provide their answers
  • After Final Interviews, the judges will determine five finalists to serve as the Tulip Court
  • The judges will continue to review and observe the finalists at various events, before deciding who is to be crowned Tulip Queen