Tulip Queen & Court Testimonials

- Past & Present



"Establishing the Tulip Queen Reading Room at the Albany Public Library and filling it with over $1700 worth of new books for the children of Albany was certainly our biggest accomplishment."

Katie O'Malley - 1998 Tulip Queen


"The Tulip Court was a once in a lifetime opportunity; a chance to work together with strong, motivated young women with similar goals to strengthen the City of Albany through volunteering and reaching out to the community."

Jenneane Butler - 2002 Tulip Court


"I have loved being the Tulip Queen. Not only has it introduced me to so many new people and different things, but it has helped me become more confident and more aware of what is going on in our community."

Amy Deitz - 2005 Tulip Queen


"My position as Albany's 2006 Tulip Queen has privileged me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to implement programs that promote literacy and really make a difference in my community on a large scale."

Amanda Benincasa - 2006 Tulip Queen


"The memory of being involved with the festivities of the City of Albany made me feel very proud! Those memories are now shared with my children and my grandchildren. It is also an honor to have wonderful warm memories of Mayor Erastus Corning."

Carol Quackenbush-Thorsen - 1957 Tulip Queen


"The amazing opportunities that have been presented to my Court and I will leave a lasting impact on our lives. Being able to volunteer my time and services with the community has been an extremely gratifying experience."

Amisha Gomes - 2007 Tulip Queen


"As Tulip Queen, I had the wonderful opportunity of doing volunteer work which allowed me to make a difference in the lives of young children as well as adults."

Christina Roberts - 1997 Tulip Queen